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'Songs of Schulz' is a musical performance based on poems inspired by the book of short stories "The Cinnamon Shops" of Bruno Schulz. This is an independent performance of Polish artists from TriCity, which includes elements of role playing with modern music (fusion of rock, electronic and acoustic sounds) and slide-show. 12 songs - about 70 minutes of music. Premiere: 12th of May 2007 on Sopot's Stage OffdeBicz.

Lyrics - Leszek Pietrowiak (from the collection 'World of Schulz')
Music - Marcin Kulwas
Design - Beata Czerepak

Edyta Janusz-Ehrlich - vocals
Robert Adamski - bass
Paweł Hulisz - trumpet
Marcin Kulwas - guitar, loops
Tomek Paszko - drums
Paweł Szewczyk - synthesizers

Marcin Iszora - sound engineer

See the program of performance including lyrics linked with short stories from the book 'The Cinnamon Shops'.

Bruno Schulz
A prose-writer, literary critic, graphic artist and painter. Polish Jew from now Ukrainian Drohobycz, where he was killed by the fascist from SS in a ghetto manhunt in 1942. Acknowledged as one of the best Polish writers before World War II, but nowadays less popular than Gombrowicz or Witkacy. Many have heard of him, but few know him.

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His fabulous world full of childhood's memories and metaphysical occurrences now returns in performance 'Songs of Schulz'. The author of lyrics will guide you - like Virgil from 'The Divine Comedy' - through meanders of this strange reality; common yearnings, desires and fears compose curious stories, where the sequence of events is disturbed.

Don't be misled by the title. Here myths of Drohobycz are driven by rock expression and obsessions of Schulz are wrapped by electro trance; and the air carries the voice of FEMALE - so important character in visions of this inconspicuous teacher from the provincial town...

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